Here is a following list of the Keisha Fabo episodes along with a brief description of what happens in each episode.


Episode Synopsis Release
Keisha Fabo 1 Keisha Fabo talks to her friend, Ashawanabufontonquibalafondelarequandalaquishabanishatishabufontrellaniquandrea, who says that she saw Darrell having sex with another woman. She then proceeds to accidentally go to Deltrese's home and says that her friend on the phone saw Darrell having sex with "some bitch named Deltrese". Deltrese lashes out at her and Keisha is kicked out of her home. Keisha goes to Breadquanda's home to tell her of this and she says that it can't be possible because she apparently sucked his male sex organ so hard it popped clean off. They then head to a club to "pop their pussies", A.K.A dance. 16th June, 2011
Keisha Fabo 2 Keisha runs into Deltrese in the park and they have an argument where Keisha pretends to apologize to Deltrese, but where she sings her a song about how stupid she is. An enraged Deltrese threatens to beat her up and Keisha meets up with Breadquanda to tell her what happened. Breadquanda tells her that she saw Deltrese commiting fellatio in a back alley the other night and they begin talking about how they prefer male sex organs to be. Breadquanda then wants to go do some "hood-rat shit" and Keisha agrees. They both dance in the street with a blaring stereo. 17th June, 2011
Keisha Fabo 3

The very next day, Keisha is applying her make-up and then rings Breadquanda  when she's done. She asks her if she'd like to go to the park to look for thug daddies and Breadquanda agrees. They then run into Bonshaquita'Lafondria and crack a joke about her name. An awkward silence ensues before Deltrese approaches them and inquires who the new person is. After insulting her, Keisha then sings about what a slut Deltrese is. With a strengthened friendship between the three of them, Breadquanda then tells them they're all going to the club to look for some thug daddies. They all dance in the club.

The episode closes off with a preview of the unreleased 4th episode, where Keisha Fabo, Breadquanda, and Bonshaquita'Lafondria create a music video for Darrell about how he's being a bad parent and how he should care for his child more.

 28th June, 2011

Link to the keisha fabo episodes. MNK deleted his videos.[1]