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These are the songs that were sung through the whole three episodes, regarding Keisha and Deltrese. These are the lyrics used in her songs.

Deltrese, DeltreseEdit

Keisha Fabo 2

Keisha Fabo 2

Deltrese, Deltrese,

You's a stupid fuckin' hoe.

Deltrese, Deltrese,

You need to take yo ass home.

Deltrese, Deltrese,

More like fuckin' Deltaco.

El pollo loco, [Spanish-English: The crazy chicken]

You's a fuckin' chicken head.[1]

Hangin' Round My BlockEdit

You always comin' to me
Keisha Song 2

Keisha Song 2

Talking loads of shit

How do you talk so much

With a mouthful of dick?

I'm tired of your ass

Hangin' round my block.

How do you move so much

With a ass full of cock?

Deltrese, Deltrese,

Wish I could say it's been fun

But I got two friends with me.

How many you got? None.[2]